2021 New Year's Message

January 1, 2021


Blessings to you all in this New Year. The light is returning!

Thank you for your presence, practice and generosity throughout this unexpected and extraordinary year. I feel grateful to have you all as friends, students, allies and colleagues. Look at all we have done together from close and afar. Look at how we have sustained our practice on and off the mat. Even though we have not had the luxury of being together in person, we have maintained our precious relationships with creativity and fortitude. And so many of you have offered support in thoughtful and sustaining ways:

  • TCA teachers have offered weekly zoom classes for children, teens and adults consistently since April.
  • Two amazing gentleman got up on the top of our building this Fall and applied a temporary magical fix to our leaky roof.
  • A talented artist and amazing kid teacher painted fun signage < 6 feet apart > to prepare us for the moment we will train at the dojo.
  • Our Board of Directors met monthly helping assure our future as an educational community and creating ways to offer support in 2021 with new programs to assist those who we know will be in need of emotional and energetic support.
  • Spreadsheets were arranged for weekly weapons classes in the park, rain or shine.
  • Children did kyu tests in Lynda Sensei's back yard.
  • A loan from the SBA graced us in September.
  • We were awarded a grant from Washington Works in December.
  • Plans are underway for side walk repair this winter.
  • Dojo finances have remained stable throughout the year.

We are in this together. Daily I am so grateful to have a community of people who practice O Sensei's teachings of true victory - self victory! Let us offer kindness to ourselves and for others with every breath we take. I dreamt that when the time allowed us to be together, we gathered and folded 2,000 cranes to set up good fortune for the coming year. It could happen.

I wish you all the very best as we move forward. Today is the beginning of a New Year, new possibilities, a new day. I so look forward to the time we can be together again. Let's be well, take care of each other, celebrate community and stay healthy.

With gratitude,

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