Sensei's Notebook

In Their Own Words: Writings from our Youth Program

Aikido Red Belt Test by AOF - 14 year old student
Why I Practice Aikido by CH - 12 year old green belt student
6th Kyu, Red Belt Essay by LS - 10 year old student

Community Writings

Why I practice Aikido by SS - 12 year old green belt
On Nonresistance by Jonathan Miller Lane
Practice in life by Robyn Anderson
Why Test? by Jessica Levin
The Gifts of Injury by Laura S. Brown
Finding Quiet by Jen Stoakes
A Glance Towards Nidan by Jeffrey David Stauch
Vulnerability by Corey Selover
Aikido - A Study in Grace and Persistence by Laura Brown & Mary Childs
(Re)Defining Ferocity by Jessica Levin
Getting on the Mat by Isabelle Moore
To Mom and Dad by Tom Callos
Life by David Socha