What do parents say about our program?
“Aikido at Two Cranes has allowed my 7 year old son to hone his natural focus, concentration and physicality, but also have the experience of being pushed beyond his comfort zone. He is more confident and more willing to take appropriate risks.”  -MS & BR, parents of a 7 year old

Two Cranes is wonderful!  It's such a caring and supportive environment for our girls.  They feel safe, they feel strong, they feel respected.  The emphasis on cooperation instead of competition is exactly what they need in their martial arts training.  Thank you!  -TSD & BD, parents of 12 and 14 year olds

Since he began training we find he has greater coordination in movement and balance as he grows into his 11 year old body. He is more connected to his body. Aikido gives him an opportunity to work on focus and concentration – and each year, he grows in confidence and skills. - parent of an 11 year old

Two Cranes is a continuation of our Aikido journey as a family. We came to Seattle from another dojo that was our 2nd home. We find the same energy, acceptance, and love at Two Cranes. -JS, parent of a 17 year old

We love that he has a physical outlet where he rolls and falls and spins and works with partners. Next year will be our 4th year – Thanks!! - Parent of an 11 year old

Since beginning her training we find she has a higher level of persistence, patience, and responsibility. -AF, parent of 9 year old


What do kids like about Aikido?

I guess a couple of the main reasons I come back is because I have so much fun, I get to kind of put aside whatever happened that day and focus on something else for an hour ( or two.) It's a part of my life that I can depend upon to always be there. Also it's just a wonderful community of people who can share this thing we have in common.   - CC, 16 year old student (10 years training) 


Not only is it the hard but rewarding work that makes training here so enjoyable, but the community that comes with it. A place to go where you can study and forget about all the stressful things in life. - JW, 14 year old student