Aikido is for everyone - people of all ages, body types, and physical conditions. For anyone who has ever wished to begin a martial art in a safe environment with well trained instructors, you have found the right place. We offer classes seven days a week. You’re invited to train once a week, or as often as you wish. Because of aikido’s non-competitive, peaceful philosophy, all ages can train together in a mutually supportive atmosphere, and at an energy level appropriate for each individual.

The benefits of aikido practice are many. The first day you step on the mat, you can learn fundamental energy exercises that enhance flexibility, stretching techniques that increase your range of motion, and movement practices that develop coordination and spatial awareness. Good posture is an everyday study, and conflict resolution theory is an important aspect of the art. As you advance, you will be introduced to solo and paired practices with the samurai weapons of the sword and the staff, as well as learn how to redirect attacks initiated by multiple partners simultaneously. 

At the core of aikido practice is the emphasis on cultivating compassion, and respect for self and others. Aikido is not only a great way to get fit, but also a path to self-discovery and growth. You can train for a goal of black belt or you can train for your pleasure with no pressure to rank. Either way, the benefits of this dynamic and powerful art are pervasive and long-lasting.