Observing classes

Visitors are always welcome to observe class in session. Feel free to ask questions of the instructor or senior students before or after class. We ask that you honor the dojo etiquette when you enter the space. Please refrain from loud conversation while watching class, especially when the instructor is demonstrating.

May visiting students train at Two Cranes?
If you are visiting Seattle, we welcome you to come train with us.  Our mat fee is $15 per class.

What if I am an experienced student who would like to join the dojo? If you are looking for a new dojo to train in regularly, we request that you come visit us, attend a class, pay the mat fee, schedule a meeting with Kimberly Richardson Sensei, and familiarize yourself with the etiquette and philosophy of Two Cranes.
Aikido is an art of diversity. While we honor your background and experiences, we also ask that you respect our approach to training by earnestly practicing what we offer. If you wish to join the dojo, complete a registration form and the pay the initial registration fee of $50 and monthly dues of $135.