Two Cranes Future

Since 1995, Two Cranes Aikido has flourished as a community of deeply dedicated child, teen and adult practitioners in the ‘art of peace.’ Recognizing Aikido’s potential to foster well-being among a wider audience, the community’s leaders founded a sister nonprofit organization, the Two Cranes Institute, in 2010 and launched a variety of programs serving children, educators, business leaders and at-risk populations.

Two Cranes Aikido is at an important inflection point in its evolution.  With an opportunity to secure our dojo space, build a permanent home for martial and contemplative practice and expand our outreach to our local community, we can create a venue that will serve the larger Aikido community. As we embark on our 20th year as a dojo community, the timing for these changes is right for Two Cranes Aikido and Two Cranes Institute to become one 501(c)3 organization. Together we forge innovative programs and break new ground with our practice.

Our intent is to keep our dojo a vibrant school and expand the ambitions and offerings of Two Cranes Institute to promote conflict resolution, teach embodied leadership, and catalyze efforts to accelerate positive change in our society. Whether applied to teaching children and teens in the schools, business negotiations, therapeutic settings, or navigating high-stress environments, Aikido principles help individuals perform effectively under pressure with emotional agility and mental clarity.