Taiko and Tai Ji


Taiko Classes are taught by Anne Yamane and study the form of American taiko, incorporating traditions from Japan and influences from the North American taiko community. Taiko is the Japanese word for drum and the name of the art form. Through integrating principles of Aikido, students will explore grounding, centering, movement, and energy while developing technical drumming skills. Beginners are welcome on Wednesday night classes after contacting the instructor. 

Anne Yamane began playing taiko with Northwest Taiko in 1990.  She has used taiko as a practice to explore the principles of Aikido and the flow of energy through sound and movement. Anne is a 5th degree black belt in Aikido and combines her skill in both disciplines in her inspired teaching.

For information on joining Taiko classes please email dojoinfo@twocranesinstitute.org

Tai Ji

Taiji Chen form with Ken Wright The Chen Style 48 Form is part of the Hun Yuan system of Grand Master Feng Zhu Chieng taught to Ken Wright by the revered teacher, Madame Gao Fu. The principles we study include grounding, body structure, balance, silk reeling and explorations of various expressions of Jing. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Ken Wright has been a practitioner of Taiji and related arts for over 45 years. After moving to Seattle in 1996, Ken studied privately with Master Madame Gao Fu, a revered Chen style practitioner. Ken is also a student of Push Hands Champion Sam Masich of Canada, and Andy Dale of Seattle. Ken currently teaches at various locations throughout King County, including at community centers and Bellevue College. He has worked with many people with physical problems, including stroke, M.S., lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, orthopedic injuries and anxiety.

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