Pay Dues 

Monthly Dues

TCA does not bind its students to signed financial contracts.  The monthly dues and fees you pay insure that the dojo will be sustained and the training and instruction can continue to progress. We offer you Aikido instruction of high quality seven days a week. Your agreement is to take part in the training and to pay your membership fees promptly when due without being asked.

Dues should be paid before the 25th of the month. We request that you be as promptly as possible.  Please clarify to us if your payment is in anyway unusual or potentially confusing to the person documenting the transaction. We want to be sure you are credited for all payments properly.

Keep in mind that the dojo offers training 51 weeks a year. If you are able to pay your dues while away (for any reason) or sick or injured, it is very much appreciated. Please know that your dues go to covering the costs of rent, facility maintenance and staff support. They do not go to paying the instructors. The teachers offer their services on a primarily volunteer basis.

Dues are not transferable from month to month. Whether you attend every class or cannot attend at all, dues are required for the month. If you cannot meet these requirements for any reason, please discuss it with the Sensei.  For experienced students joining in the middle of the month, you will pay one month's dues, and then we will prorate the following month.

Mat Fees

There is a $15 mat fee for visitors. Mat fees can be paid with cash (please have them put it in an envelope and indicate who paid and what for) or a check made out to Two Cranes Aikido and put it in the dues box.  A weekly rate is available to visitors who wish to train daily during their stay. Visitors considering new membership at Two Cranes Aikido may pay the $15 per class Mat Fee for up to five (5) sessions or the $80 Visitor Fee for one week. Such visitors will then be encouraged to establish membership.

Special Circumstances:

For those people who need financial assistance, we offer help through our Scholarship Program. Ask the office staff for a confidential application.  If you have a special circumstance not covered by the paragraphs above, please talk with an instructor who will bring the matter to the attention of Sensei, in confidence. Under certain circumstances, Sensei occasionally makes an arrangement with a member for temporarily reduced fees. This arrangement is for a maximum of 90 days. If you continue to need financial assistance we ask you to submit a scholarship form.

Enjoy your training!

“Aikido is the way of nonresistance and is therefore undefeatable from the start.” - O Sensei